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Maskelyne and Cooke programme for the Egyptian Hall, 23rd consecutive year

23rd consecutive year, 1895-1896. According to the book on the Egyptian Hall by George Jenness, it was announced on 19 March 1896 that a series of Animated Photographs had just been added to the programme. The earliest date for this programme is therefore March 1896. This is consistent with the handwritten date of 30 April 1896 on page 1. The handwritten note in full is “April 30th 1896 H Ev. visited”. This is very likely the writing of Henry Evans Evanion. There are similar examples in The Evanion Collection held at The British Library in London, for example the item with the reference Evan.67 which is a Maskelyne and Cooke programme hand dated “Novr. 7th 1889 H Ev”. The printing on the Egyptian Hall programme illustrated here appears identical to that on programme Ref. no. N2064, although the colour of the paper is different.

Item Details

Size 4 pages, 130 x 205mm.
Date April 30 1896
People , ,
Acts Mr. David Devant; Animated Photographs; Mr. R.A. Roberts; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra; the sketch 'Will, the Witch and the Watchmen'; musical accompaniments by Mr. F. Cramer on Metzler's Organo Piano.
Ref no N2065 Pr.EH115