Maskelyne and Cooke programme for the Egyptian Hall, 21st consecutive year

21st consecutive year, 1893-1894. According to the book on the Egyptian Hall by George Jenness, Mr. Spurr first appeared on 6 March 1893. Devant joined the show in September 1893, so the programme date is probably between May 1893 (ie the start of the 21st consecutive year) and September 1893.


Size 4 pages, 210 x 270mm.
Date Probably between May 1893 and September 1893.
People , ,
Acts The sketch 'The Bloomsbury Proper-ganders of Spiritualism'; Mr. F. Cramer on Metzler's Organo Piano; Mons. Alban and Mdlle. Stella; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra; Mr M.B. Spurr; the sketch "Arcana; or, Original Research".
Ref no N2053 Pr.EH105