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Lewis Davenport’s lamp used in his stage act

This lamp was at the top of a post, supported in a metal base. The effect was as follows: a box of cigars is brought forward and Lewis selects a smoke. He then gives the box to his lady assistant, who holds it suspended by ribbons. He puffs the smoke at the cigar box, wherein he has just placed a dove. The box falls apart, the dove has gone, but reappears within the lamp which is on stage. The stage photograph shows an early version of the lamp. We believe that in the 1930s Lewis had this new lamp made, probably for an intended visit to the USA which, in the event, never happened. This would explain why the illustrated lamp shows very little wear and tear. For the cigar box see Ref. no. N828.

Item Details

Size Height of lamp 550mm
Date 1930s
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Ref no N830