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Lewis Davenport’s football trick – original apparatus

This was a trick full of magical surprises. Lewis Davenport first produces a football jersey and shorts. He places a football on a cushion, having first wrapped it in the football jersey. This leaves him holding a pair of football shorts. His assistant enters in a black evening dress carrying a miniature goal mouth, complete with net (see photograph of goal mouth). All at once the football vanishes off the cushion, to be replaced by a white egg (see photograph). At the same time the black dress on his assistant vanishes to be replaced by the football jersey and shorts. As this happens the shorts held by Lewis turn into a banner with the word GOAL on it, just as a real football appears in the goal mouth held by the assistant. Lewis opens the white egg and imitation fluffy chicks are thrown into the audience.

Item Details

Size Height of cushion 250mm.
Date 1920s
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Ref no N840