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Kaleidosphere by Nick Moore

This is a most unusual 3D kaleidoscope with a triangular obelisk shape. Although in the photograph the outer surface appears to be blue, this is merely a refection of the background – both inside and outside of the obelisk are mirrored. At the tapered end of the obleisk is a glass ball, visible at the top of the photograph, and inside is a small ball that can roll up and down the length of the tube. The straight lines which are visible when you look down the length of the obelisk towards the tapered end (see the photograph) are created by narrow gaps in the mirrors on the side walls at one third and two thirds of the length. All these features go towards creating the amazing optical effects. Manufactured by Design Copyright N.L.J. Moore.

Item Details

Size Length 405mm
Date Purchased new in 2008.
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Ref no N2235