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Jacobs Ladder novelty associated with Louis Nikola

Louis Nikola was a successful professional magician, an expert in shadowgraphy and also a magic book author. His performing career spanned the 1910s to 1930s period. The purpose of this Jacob’s Ladder is not clear, but if you look at all the photographs by clicking ‘View Details’, it is possible to guess that it might have been used to introduce Nikola. First the block with a Question Mark on it would be shown. The ladder is then allowed to fall open to display WHO IS THIS. The ladder is then allowed to flip over and it then displays LOUIS NIKOLA. The ladder is in good condition so it is likely that it comes from the latter period of his performing career. See also N2928.

Item Details

Size At full length 100 x 1065mm.
Date Probably 1920s or 1930s.
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Ref no N2927