Granville Theatre, Ramsgate, 29 August 1898, containing a rare photograph of Mr. Walter R. Booth

The programme is for David Devant’s Entertainment ‘direct from Maskelyne and Cooke’s Egyptian Hall, London’. The performance included songs, dancing, a ventriloquial sketch, animated photographs and Devant’s Zauberwunder!. The reader is warned that ‘this programme is subject to frequent alteration’. Mr. Walter R. Booth provides the vent. sketch and is also part of Zauberwunder. The back page names Mr. Booth as the Stage Manager for Devant’s animated photograph entertainments. The photograph of Booth in the programme is significant because, as at 2020, it is one of only two known photographs of him which allows early cinema historians to identify Booth when he appears in early films. It had long been suspected that a magician in the films was Booth, but there was no firm evidence. For more information, and both photographs, type Walter Booth into the SEARCH box at the top of the EPHEMERA page of this website.


Size 155 x 250mm, four pages.
Date 29 August 1898
Acts Miss Violet Grey; Mr. Edward Kent; Mr. Walter R. Booth; Animated Photographs; Devant's Zauberwunder!
Ref no N1928 Pr.Other15

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