Film of Gus Davenport’s greetings message, Berlin 1937 convention

The German Magic Circle (Magischer Zirkel Deutschland) celebrated its 25th anniversary with a congress in Berlin. The Davenport family – Lewis, Wynne and Gus – were there. This film by F.A. Brandt shows Gus Davenport delivering greetings from magicians in Great Britain. Although the film is silent, the speech was recorded at the time on a gramophone record. This sound has therefore been added to the film clip. The illustrations here include one of the gramophone record which, unusually, is very flexible and plays at 78rpm from the centre outwards.


Size 16 mm, black and white. 44sec. Sound added from a gramophone record recording at the time
Date May 1937
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Ref no N2657 Film6