Eleven native Canadian North American Ojibbeway Indians at the Egyptian Hall

For one shilling (children and schools half price) at the Egyptian Hall you could hear a lecture about the Ojibbeway Indians and watch them performing some of their customs and rituals. Also shown is an illustration of their war dance before the Queen at Windsor Castle. An alternative spelling is O-JIB-WAY. This is one of the items contained in a wooden box of 19th century ephemera, mainly relating to the Egyptian Hall. To view all the items from the box, click on View Details and then the Key Phrase ‘Wooden box items’.


Size Three items are pasted onto a double sided sheet. Egyptian Hall advertisement: 170 x 380mm. Line up of native Indians: 150 x 105mm. War dance at Windsor Castle: 225 x 125mm.
Date Probably 1844.
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Ref no N1985 Ep.EH40