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Coloured label divination

A spectator is given the six coloured labels and asked to hide five and give one back to the performer behind his back, so he cannot see the colour. Turning around, the performer is correctly able to divine the colour of the selected label. The audience can examine the labels carefully and yet they will be unable to discover the secret.

We would like to credit Steffen Taut for sharing the following information. This trick was probably invented by F. Hügli. It was certainly marketed by Manfredo in Germany. Conradi Horster also sold the trick. In the first version of the trick the labels were made of cardboard. This was later changed to plastic, as in the photograph shown here. Also included is an advertisement from Der Zauberspiegel of September 1928. This describes the earlier cardboard version of the trick.

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Size Each of the six labels is 40 x 75mm.
Date Probably early to mid 20th century.
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