The vast majority of the puzzles are mechanical puzzles rather than word or mathematical puzzles.

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La Mystérieuse

Cut the postcard into 3 pieces. Where does the 16th card go when the position of the two lower pieces are reversed? The postcard advertises Martinka & Co., a magic shop in New York City.

The Mystery Card

Cut the postcard into 3 pieces. Where does the 13th card go when the position of the two lower pieces are reversed? The LD letters on the postcard tell us that it was produced by or for L Davenport & Co. See the advertisement from a 1930s Davenport's catalogue. The white space at the bottom right of the postcard would be used to print the name of the person or company that used the cards for publicity.

The Devil's Fan or the Vanishing Devil Puzzle

Where does the 13th devil go?

The Magic Circle vanishing rabbit puzzle

Where does the 13th rabbit go? This puzzle was part of the menu card for The Magic Circle Golden Jubilee Banquet, Cabaret and Dance on 30 April 1955. The event was held at the Park Lane Hotel, London.

Get the P into the Pot puzzle

This is a Davenport's Demon Series puzzle. A dried pea has to be manipulated into the pot inside the glass bottle.

Samson Novelty Dice

The six metal saucer shaped discs have to be interlocked to create a dice that will withstand normal handling. The advertising window card comes from a Davenport storeroom. The advertisement is from Davenport's house magazine 'The Demon Telegraph', No. 118, April 1949. The puzzle came with very helpful instructions, although considerable dexterity is needed to complete the dice. The address of Samson is given as 246 Tottenham Court Road, London.

Mercur: a French game or puzzle

The mercury must be manouvered to fill as many holes as possible in the Eiffel Tower, without the mercury going out of play by falling to a lower level on the left of the puzzle. The item was made in France and the rules on the back are in both French and English. A number of players can be involved, the winner being the person who fills the most holes with mercury. The item can equally well be treated as a dexterity puzzle.

Puzzle panties

The puzzle is to remove the pussy cat from the panties. The materials are cloth and a plastic pussy.

Aluminium advertising piece

The puzzle is to open the piece. It advertises M.C.L. AND REPETITION LTD. The outer surface also includes the words BRITISH ALUMINIUM BA-35. This will be the alloy type from which the puzzle is machined.

Nesting Japanese puzzle boxes

Each of the five boxes requires two moves to open it. Each box has a different animal design on the lid. On the inside of the lid of the outer box ODAWARA MADE IN JAPAN and a symbol are stamped in ink.

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