Programmes & Handbills

Programmes & Handbills

The majority are for variety shows which include a magician. Most are from the UK covering the 1870s to the present day.

Lewis Davenport programme 31 May 1927, Casino, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lewis Davenport shares this double sided programme with other variety acts. It was a varied bill: for example Winston presented Focas Sabias y Divinas Ninfas (wise seals and divine nymphs).

    • Size
    • Size 145 x 525mm
    • Theatre
    • Casino
    • Town
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America
    • Date
    • 31 May 1927
    • Acts
    • Fox film 'El Hijo Adoptivo'; Carlo Y Beppo; Les Rolands; La Revisita de Los Perros presented by Colemann Dogs; Stroganoff Ballet; Sam Wooding; Winston; Franco Piper; Lewis Davenport; Man y Thit
    • Category
    • Ref._Number
    • N676 Pr.Dav4 W109

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