Programmes & Handbills

Programmes & Handbills

The majority are for variety shows which include a magician. Most are from the UK covering the 1870s to the present day.

Kilburn Empire, London, 24 November 1919

The bill includes Ernest Hastings.

    • Size
    • 135mm x 260mm, double sided sheet folded into three.
    • Theatre
    • Kilburn Empire
    • Town
    • London
    • Date
    • 24 November 1919
    • Acts
    • Victor and George; Wyn and Ivy; Frank Powell; Carrie Laurie's Juveniles; Dora Lyric; Daisy James; Ernest Hastings; Billy Merson; Haydn Wood and Dorothy Court; The Bioscope
    • Category
    • Ref._Number
    • N1761 Pr.Other6 W103

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