Programmes & Handbills

Programmes & Handbills

The majority are for variety shows which include a magician. Most are from the UK covering the 1870s to the present day.

Maskelyne and Cooke, Egyptian Hall, London

Page 3 of the programme mentions that 'Arcana' and Le Cocon are in preparation. According to the Jenness book on the Egyptian Hall, 'Arcana' was first produced on 5 November 1887. De Kolta appeared at the Hall from 23 December 1886, but he first presented Le Cocon on 2 May 1887. Therefore the likely date of this programme is 23 December 1886 to 2 May 1887. Note that the insurance advertisement on page 4 mentions financial figures for the year ending 25 Mar 1886.

    • Size
    • 4 pages. Size 205mm x 260mm
    • Theatre
    • Egyptian Hall
    • Town
    • London
    • Date
    • The likely date is 23 December 1886 to 2 May 1887.
    • Acts
    • Mr. Charles Mellon; Jugglery by Mr. Maskelyne; Buatier de Kolta; 'Will, the Witch and the Watchmen' sketch; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra
    • Category
    • Ref._Number
    • N1532 Pr.EH51 W56

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