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Production of a Ford car

This item has a purpose built wooden carrying case with Jasper Maskelyne's name on the outside. We believe it was originally an Oswald Williams item. In 1988 the magician Eric Widger said he remembered seeing this presented in a Maskelyne show as follows: 'Oswald Williams and Jasper Maskelyne were on stage, with Williams holding what looks like a flat tray. Maskelyne says: "If the King of Siam bought a motor car, what sort of motor car would the King of Siam buy, if he bought a motor car?" Williams replied: "It would depend on what he could afFORD." At that moment Williams turns the tray over so that the audience see the words A FORD. While the audience laughs at this play on words, the flat tray instantaneously transforms to a 3D car to give a surprise finish.' [At the time, the King of Siam was a well known rich person, hence the use of his name for this trick.]

    • Size
    • Base 455 x 305mm, height 195mm when the car has been produced.
    • Date
    • 1920s
    • People_or_organisations
    • Key_phrases
    • Apparatus, productions
    • Category
    • MAGIC
    • N156 W186

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