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Cecil Lyle's Chocolate Box Illusion

The collection has two Chocolate Box Illusions, both from Lyle. Lewis Davenport purchased one for use in his own stage show in the 1930s. The second one, a cream coloured box used by Lyle in his later years, was purchased by the Davenports from Cecil's wife Lucille LaFarge, following his death. This is the box illustrated here. The effect is as follows. The box on a very thin platform is revolved to show all round it. The ribbon around the box is removed and the front doors opened to show that the box is quite empty inside.The box is then closed and when reopened it is seen to be full of giant-sized chocolates. The box is again closed and opened to reveal no chocolates but instead a lady inside the box.

    • Size
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    • 1st half of 20th century, probably 1930s
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    • Apparatus, productions
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    • MAGIC
    • N826 W428

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