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Davenport's glass evaporated milk bottle

The magician fashions a cone out of newspaper and pours some of the milk from the bottle into the cone. The newspaper can then be screwed up and thrown into the audience - the milk has vanished. The words moulded into the bottle are 'UNIVERSAL MILK BOTTLE NEW OXFORD DAIRY IMPORTED'. The Davenport demon with the words 'DEMON SERIES' is also moulded into the glass. A close-up photograph of the moulded demon is illustrated. This trick is not for the magician that likes to travel light - the bottle weighs 1.5kg.

    • Size
    • Height 235mm. Weight 1.5kg.
    • Date
    • Early to mid 20th century.
    • People_or_organisations
    • Key_phrases
    • Apparatus, vanishes
    • Category
    • MAGIC
    • N1326 W404

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