The Davenport Film Collection YouTube Channel

We are pleased to announce that we have now launched the Davenport Film Collection YouTube Channel as a companion to the Davenport Collection website.

From the beginning of the 1930s the Davenport family took cine films. Many are of magic conventions, stage performances of magicians or variety acts, or magicians simply having fun when visiting the Davenport family home, Ivydene, in Kent. Characters such as Cardini, Dante, the Levantes, Chris Charlton, Chefalo and John Ramsay are all there. Some film is from other sources, for example 1936 and 1937 magic conventions in Germany. The original film is a mixture of 9.5mm, 16mm and 35mm format, some in colour and some with a soundtrack.

The first offering includes fascinating film covering the 1937 Magischer Zirkel (German Magic Circle) convention held in Berlin.

You can source all the films via the Davenport Collection website by checking out the Category Films where you will find the background details. But please also subscribe to the Davenport Film Collection YouTube Channel and you will receive notifications as new material is added in coming months. Making this film available on the website and YouTube Channel has only been possible through the skilful work of Terry Hylton and Tom McKerrow.

Recently added: David Devant’s early career

One theme running through recent additions to the website has been Devant’s early career, prior to the 20th century. A quick way to review these recent items is clicking on Programmes and Other Ephemera. These recent additions will appear at or near the top of each page.

Also take a look at Anne Goulden’s latest article David Devant’s first big illusion: Vice Versa. This explains the importance of the first stage illusion that Devant invented. He called it Vice Versa. The completeness of Anne’s article owes much to the generosity of The Magic Circle, Paul Kieve and Peter Lane who granted permission to include illustrations of items in their collections.

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