Gus and John Davenport built an OO gauge model railway in the 1960s. Once built, they tired of watching the trains go round, and so looked for other things to add to the layout. On one side of the layout was a cliff covered in nothing other than clumps of grass on the cliff face. This seemed the ideal spot to build a funicular, and that is what they did. I have included it on this website for personal reasons, and on the basis that a home made funicular is certainly a novelty! A film of the layout made by magician Harry Baron is also in the collection.

This cleverly designed ball changes colour when it is thrown in the air. It achieves this by flipping its shape in midair. Made in China. No. 2181. Imported by Ackerman Group PLC.

The clown’s head and body contain a ball bearing. The figure will tumble down a slope if it is at a suitable angle. The figure is made from cloth and cardboard.

The spinning top can be used for playing four games. This is a good example of a turn of the century game that exploits electronics and modern design to appeal to children. Copyright 2003 Nextoy LLC. Distributed under licence from itoy Inc.