This realistic looking rock is made of soft foam and has virtually no weight. It could be thrown at a window and cause no damage, except perhaps a heart attack for the owners of the window when they see the rock being thrown.

This rubber monkey has a pin to attach it to your lapel. At the back of the monkey is a nozzle where a rubber tube should be attached. On the other end of the tube there should be a rubber bulb which, when squeezed, inflates the monkey’s arms and legs which unfold and fly out. The tube and bulb should be hidden from sight so that, when someone comes close all they see is the monkey. At this moment the wearer squeezes the bulb and the monkey suddenly appears alive as the arms and legs fly out, much to the surprise of the onlooker.

When your friends ask for half a spoonful of sugar, this is the spoon you should use. Made in China for Mustard ( Copyright 2012 Viral Brands Ltd.

There is a rubber band along the length of the butterfly which allows you to wind up the yellow wings. You then tuck the butterfly inside a card in its wound-up state. As soon as someone opens up the card the butterfly flutters out, causing quite a surprise.

You wind this device up and place it over the middle finger of your right hand, with the spike facing away from your palm. When you shake hands with a person, the spike is automatically depressed, allowing the motor to unwind with an unexpected buzzing sound and vibration. It causes both surprise and shock followed, hopefully, by laughter. Another name for this joke is Joy Buzzer. It was a huge success for S.S. Adams, its inventor, in the USA. More details may be found on the web.