The garden photograph illustrated here is obviously the one from which the locket photograph was cut. The photograph was taken in the back garden at Ivydene, the Davenport family home, as can be proved by the garden gnomes in the background. We do not know who the child is, but a good guess would be June Davenport. June is Gus and Kate Davenport’s eldest child born in 1942. Czechoslovakia is stamped into the back of the locket.

This perpetual calendar stood on the mantelpiece in the dining room at Ivydene, the home of Lewis and Wynne Davenport, for years. The various knobs allow three things to be changed. Once a month, the knob on the base is used to change the position of the dates in the week. The other knobs control the month which shows in the top window, as well as the red line which is moved as dates are passed.

Binkie has been in the Davenport family, probably since the 1930s or 1940s. Binkie lived at Ivydene, Lewis and Wynne Davenport’s family home. The photograph shows him sitting on the piano (which came from Maskelyne’s) at Ivydene in 1971 when Wynne Davenport was playing the piano for a young Roy Davenport in the drawing room. Binkie’s arms and legs are jointed and, in his youth, he used to growl. As a young child John Davenport was frightened of him – he was too loud and scary!

These shapes were found at Ivydene, the Davenport family home. They clearly came as a set because they were originally stored in a shallow black box, now lost, which was partitioned so that one shape could be kept away from neighbouring shapes to avoid damage. Their purpose is not clear but one possibility is that they were used for artists to develop skills in drawing shapes and reflections.