This was a very popular children’s show trick of the ‘turn it around’ variety. The magician makes the black and white rabbits swap places when the painted covers are placed over them. The audience catches on that the rabbits only swap places when the covers are turned around with the rabbits underneath. In time honoured fashion the audience tells the magician to turn the rabbits round when they are not covered up. After the usual byplay the magician turns the rabbits round to reveal a red and a yellow rabbit on the reverse sides. This particular set was used many times by John Davenport. The illustrated advertisement is from a mid 20th century Davenports catalogue.

The trick is to place a silver coin in the box and then magically convert it into liquid silver. The liquid is in fact mercury, hence the name of the box. Do not try this trick!

The magician pours salt into one hand, from which it vanishes. The salt is magically produced from the other hand.

The magician challenges the audience to spot the cup under which the cork is hidden. At the finish the magician lifts a cup and produces from underneath it a large cork which fills the cup. The cups are stamped DEMON. Unfortunately the stand which was sold with the trick is missing.

The magician shows a polished wooden box and opens the front and back, allowing a clear view right through the box. A pocket watch is put into the box, which is closed. Suddenly a loud ringing is heard in the box and simultaneously the front drops down, revealing a full-sized and genuine alarm clock, which entirely fills the box. The clock is taken out, still ringing, and placed on the table.

A nest of four bakelite boxes, the outer one of which is decorated with a Davenport demon head trademark. The magician vanishes a coin and then it is found in the inner of the four boxes.