The brass globe may be used to vanish, produce, or burn and restore a handkerchief. The lid of this example is missing. The trick is fully explained in Professor Hoffmann’s book ‘Modern Magic’, first published in 1876.

This is complete with the five silks. This was a dealer item from Harry Leat aimed at a children’s audience. The effect is that the magician produces from a sheet of paper an illustrated silk handkerchief showing Humpty Dumpty. As the silk is returned to the paper, another one is produced, this time showing Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall. In all, five silks tell the story of the nursery rhyme. At the end of the trick a 3D Humpty Dumpty is produced from the paper and all the silk handkerchiefs have vanished.

A Noah’s Ark is built on a low platform from flat walls and a roof. Despite the ark being obviously empty, the magician opens the roof and produces a huge number of animal caricatures from it. In the days of this illusion the Noah’s Ark was a well known trade mark for Bryant and May’s matches, so to give a magical finish to the illusion, the magician would patter along the lines of: “And what happened to the ark? It was turned into matches by Bryant and May.” At this point the ark would instantaneously transform into a giant box of matches, as in the illustration. The illusion is being performed here by John Davenport with Nikki and Ellen.

The magician shows a copper coin – an old English penny – and covers it with a handkerchief, saying that it will change into a sovereign. The audience expects to see a gold sovereign coin, but on the removal of the handkerchief there is a statue of the Sovereign, King George VI. The statue is marked DEMON.

Hymack was a successful quick change artist who used many surprising effects in his act. One was this umbrella which instantaneously expands to a long length. The cloth on the umbrella required replacement in 1985.

Hymack was a successful quick change artist who used many surprising effects in his act. One was this hat on which the colour of the hat band could instantaneously change from black, through green, to red. The apparatus is complex and was restored by Harry Carson in 1984/5. He wote up the challenges in an amusing and informative article in ‘The Magic Circular’ of October 1985.