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The September 2021 issue included:
– a 19th century dissecting drawer box.
– the Pipe of Wu Fang.
– the Watch Your Step “Unique Magic” children’s trick.
– a variety of jokes.
– Mickey Mouse and Lewis Davenport.
– optical illusions and optical surprises.

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Painted on board by Peter Warlock in 1982. John and Anne Davenport asked Peter to paint this on the theme of items relating to the Davenport family and business. It includes ‘Enchanted Petals, a floral mystery’, an effect that Peter devised and which was marketed by Davenports. Peter’s signature can be seen in the bottom right hand corner on a Magic Circle card.

Originally commissioned by Richard Stupple, the painting was completed by Peter in 1985. A postcard of Richard Stupple is at the top. It just so happens that a postcard of Lewis Davenport is visible in the middle.