Complete with instructions. The instructions explain how by using these eight cards the performer is ‘able to indicate automatically and absolutely correct any number from 1 – 100 a person has been thinking of’. Made in Germany and patented in Germany and Abroad.

Despite hanging from a cradle and completely covered by a glass tumbler, the bell will answer questions by, for example, chiming once for “yes” and twice for “no”. Stamped into the metal around the base are the words ZAUBERTECHNIK | HAUG | GERMANY. The company was based in Pfronten, Germany.

A spectator secretly sets the hand of the clock to an hour of her choosing and then slides the cover over the clock to hide the clock face. On taking the clock back, the magician is able to divine the correct hour to which the clock was set. Once the possession of Cambridge magician Claude Perry.

The magician asks a person to set the hand on a clock to an hour and then place the Bakelite cover on top so as to hide the face. The magician takes the watch back and mysteriously reveals the hour to which the watch was set. Unfortunately the collection only contains the Bakelite cover, but by kind permission of Malcolm Norton we also illustrate the trick from his own collection.

This tray can be used by the magician for a number of tricks, such as ‘Just Chance’.

The roller is held between thumb and index finger and given a quick spin. It finally stops with one colour at the top. This is the colour desired by the magician.