This came from Ivydene, Lewis Davenport’s family home. It used to be in the drawing room next to where Lewis Davenport would sit during the day, when he was no longer able to get about because of his strokes. The table holds fond memories for John Davenport who views it as a Lewis Davenport ‘association piece’.

This belonged to Wyn Davenport and was up on the wall in her bedroom at Ivydene, the family home. On the back of the head is written Regd. No: 845003. Wyn played an important role in the Davenports business and performing activities. However her input is often overlooked because of a focus on her brothers, particularly George (Gilly) and Gus.

Binkie has been in the Davenport family, probably since the 1930s or 1940s. Binkie lived at Ivydene, Lewis and Wynne Davenport’s family home. The photograph shows him sitting on the piano (which came from Maskelyne’s) at Ivydene in 1971 when Wynne Davenport was playing the piano for a young Roy Davenport in the drawing room. Binkie’s arms and legs are jointed and, in his youth, he used to growl. As a young child John Davenport was frightened of him – he was too loud and scary!