This impressive advertising is to promote Devant’s ‘Brilliant and highly refined drawing-room entertainment’. The excellent portrait photographs, signed Meisenbach, show Devant and his young wife. Today we know that they were not actually married at this time.

One side of this advertisement, which is printed on thin card, has an eye catching illustration, including a roundel showing Devant’s head in the top left corner. The other side is headed ‘A HIGHLY-REFINED DRAWING-ROOM ENTERTAINMENT. PROGRAMME.’ Details are given of Devant’s repertoire: Prestidigitation, Hand shadows, Paper puzzles. Mental phenomena and Illusions.

On one side is the rebus and a blank area where the address or name of the recipient can be written. The other side has the show details on it, as well as the answer to the rebus. This means that the card can be folded in half and glued around the perforated edges, prior to posting, so that the recipient can only see the rebus and their own name. To open the card they have to tear off the edge at the perforations, so revealing the details of the show and the answer to the rebus. Have a go at solving the rebus before you click on View Details.

This advertisement can be folded to show The Box Trick in action. The words explain: ‘The performer enters the box which he completely fills so that no part can collapse inwards. It is then locked, enveloped in a sack, corded and sealed thus preventing any section giving outwards. Yet in a few seconds the gentleman escapes without disturbing a single knot, leaving the box perfectly empty.’

When this card is opened up, it activates an audio message. Sadly, its voice can no longer be heard. Radio South broadcast to the south eastern region of England. The pitch is that the radio station attracted a greater proportion of affluent people than the local television station.