This is an interesting advertising application of the magic square. As it says on the label: Each row, each column and each diagonal adds up to 60, the average contents of each box. Made in Sweden.

The brochure advertises La Follette, (the man of many faces) and his Unbelievables in a variety of shows for 1940. This includes Spook Parties and special Kid Shows.

The date is probably late December 1904, because the season started on Boxing Day. J.N. Maskelyne was busy making arrangements for the opening of St. George’s Hall, so he arranged for Martin Chapender to take over the final weeks of the lease on the Egyptian Hall, prior to its demolition. The season ran from Boxing Day to Saturday 21 January 1905. The show was very well received by audiences and the press.

The first advertisement for Maskelyne highlights the Christmas Holiday Programme. (The Christmas programme usually ran well into the following year.) The second one highlights an animated photograph of the funeral procession of Queen Victoria.
Also advertised are entertainments at the Crystal Palace, London Hippodrome, St. James’ Hall and the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington.

Devant explains that a member of the Ladies’ Grand Council has suggested that members might like to purchase a block of seats on Mr. Maskelyne’s Grand Pavilion to view the procession for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Along the bottom of the item is an unrelated piece illustrating Devant producing a rabbit on ‘animated photograph’ film. It explains how animated photographs work and acts as an advertisement for Devant’s exhibitions.

It is well known that Devant tried to sell seats in Maskelyne’s Grand Stand at St. Paul’s for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee procession on 22 June 1897, for example, see Ref. no. N2082. However, this is the only evidence that I have seen for Devant selling seats in the Royal Horse Guards Pavilion in Whitehall, a completely different part of London. The Magic Circle Archive also has a copy of this advertisement.