This was Davenports second major post WW2 catalogue, issued from their 25 New Oxford Street address. It continued to be used following their move to 51 Great Russell Street. It was mentioned in Abracadabra, 8 October 1960 under ‘What’s New’, as illustrated here.

This was Davenports first major post WW2 catalogue, issued from their 25 New Oxford Street address. It was advertised in Abracadabra, 29 September 1956. The same issue of Abra contains an amusing news item about the catalogue by ‘F.’ (Fabian), which is well worth a read. It is illustrated here with the Davenports advertisement.

These four pink pages offer ‘A Selection of the World’s Best Jokes, Tricks, Puzzles, Magic, Novelties (made in England)’. No item costs more than six old pence (6d). I am grateful to Philip Treece for explaining in 2021 that the use of E. & S. allowed retailers like Woolworths to purchase from Ellisdons without fear that customers would be directed to purchase directly from Ellisdons. The fascinating story as to how this list of items came about will be told in a forthcoming book by Philip Treece about the Ellisdon family and business.

The cover shows David Devant in the costume worn by him at the Royal Command Performance at The Palace Theatre, 1 July 1912. The catalogue covers magic and its allied arts, juggling, puzzles, novelties and jokes. This catalogue also contains an order form which is a sheet of paper, folded into 4 pages, all of which are printed.

60 pages crammed full with jokes, novelties, puzzles, magic and gifts. At one time Ellisdons had a large retail shop in Holborn, London. By 1969 they had become fully mail order, operating from Bedford in England.

16 pages crammed full with jokes, novelties, puzzles and magic. According to the cover this illustrated catalogue features jokers’ novelties, magic, puzzles, table decorations and favors, and funny banquet novelties. Manufactured by S.S. Adams Company, Asbury Park, New Jersey.